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New here, where are all the good Clio 200s?

Hi folks

I thought I would introduce myself, as I'm a long time lurker but first-time poster.

I recently decided to sell my BMW E46 track car in favour of buying a mint Renault Clio RS200 with all the bells and whistles + low mileage and FSH. My budget is up to 10k, but it seems I can't find what I'm looking for, so I thought I'd post on here to check I'm not being too picky.

I'm after either Liquid Yellow, Storm Grey, Glacier white, well, in short, anything other than red. I also want the Recaro seats and AC.

I've been looking for a few weeks now and nothing has come up which is in good nic or with low miles. There is a Liquid Yellow 200 on eBay for 11k, I've spoken with the guy and the belts haven't ever been done, so would need to be loaded onto a trailer and also, I worry the mileage is too low at 24k. Surely, this is going to tank value-wise after I've put 15/20k on it?

I don't want to turn this car into a track car, I used to have a 200 cup when I was 20 and I really would like another to enjoy again.

Anyway, I hope everyone is well and I'm look forward to Clio life



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Might be worth sending Lai Yum a message on Facebook, he runs the TTD Performance Cars page. They usually have a good selection of well looked after RenaultSports, and if he doesn't have any in now then he most likely will soon. KTEC also usually have a decent selection of cars available, try this link here.