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New ignition key calibration

  Clio, audi, golf
Hi Guys, i have lost one of my ignition keys for my 2003 clio 1.2 and have just ordered a new one from main dealer costing £180, just waiting for it to arrive, but I have since heard from someone else who had also lost a key and they were charged £75 over the cost of the new key to re-calibrate it to the car. Another previous car I owned had the instructions in the car manual to do this your self, but I have looked in the manual I have and there is no mention how to do this. Has anyone got advice on how to re-calibrate it myself or does it require the main dealer to carry this out?
Any advice would be a help thanks.


ClioSport Trader
  Clio16v/Zoe Z.E.50
I'd speak to the dealer you've ordered from because that price sounds like they've included for CLIP time.
  Megane dci 130
What mick said, they are virgin keys on your age of Clio. (they are sold blank) they are around £100. Sounds like they have included programming time.