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new look engine bay.. OPINIONS

Personally i love it.. still more to follow not done yet but wat do u lot think and any ideas on improvement.....
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  RenaultSport Clio 172
I like that mate, looks ace, would mind doin that to mine, but i have an Iceberg 172, dunno what colour i'd do! How much did it all cost?
cheers. its a marmite thing.... luv it or h8 it.

cover a did maself, strut brace and shiney bits were 45 quid at a local place.

looking for a green silicone bend for filter .... new filter .... chrome strut tops ... and battery cover next a think. thn not sure
lol told ya love it or hate it... ties in with these bits tho...(awaits disownment)
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Well I shouldn't really, but you did ask for opinions ;)

I would lose the engine cover entirely. I think these engines look far better commando style. I would also go back to standard airbox and lose the strut brace. There's nothing ugly or bad about that bay, it's just that I prefer fucntion over form when it comes to engine bays. It's not a dig at you - I hate the way almost all modern engines are hidden under mountains of plastic :dead:


I wouldn't have it personally, I would prefer a nice girly look as I am a girl. But it does look very nice. If I buy Davids car I'm having purple stuff on it.:D

I think most of the stuff on peoples cars is marmitey and it is what makes them all unique which is cool. Would be boring if they all stayed completely standard.
  Chocolate Bar™
its kinda cool. but your going to struggle to match things up for it, as different shades of green may look odd. but 10/10 for doing whatever the hell you like :D
i like it, but the greens should be matched.

and you should have asked me for my Ph-Quick graphic... those look very squashed! lol
lol cheers folks.... the colours spoze to be the same its the green they have on the ninjas apparently the font for the graphics was the 1 i found on here but the person that did it messed up with the size but i'll sort it later.

Like ya all say tho it is different which is what i wanted without going daft on big ass bodykits and stuff
the font and everything is right its just the spacing and size....
As for engine bay cleanin give it a good scrub, use alloy wheel cleaner on it and scrub with a wheel brush, rinse it and dry then spray the plastics with bumper/dash shine and then silicone spray :)