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New Megane

Weve got Renault UK here this afternoon doing a presentation and theyve bought 3 or 4 new Meganes for us too test drive.

Its a bit wet today but think Ill give them a good thrashing (if the roads are clear that it!).

Anyone have any questions they want me to ask them??

  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Can you ask them if they can find out the original paint manufacturer/spec/code for the Williams gold wheels.




  Shiny red R32

Can you please ask Renault why their cars arent of a very good build quality?

Why do they not make their panels a bit bigger so that they fit closer together? Mine have big gaps in between, compared to our BMW which has tiny spaces between the panels.

Why dont they put more paint on their cars?

Why are the seats positioned so high in the 172?

If you need any more questions, just ask!!

  VW Potato

can you ask them how many Vel-Satis and Avantimes they have sold. Ask them if they are on sales target, whats the buyer profile and what cars are being traded in against the Vel-Sat and the Avant?


My question exactly. Moreover: will the powerplant be making it to the next Clio?

BB Tuning, K-TEC and the like must be rubbing their hands with glee!!

Ask them if the powerplant will make it to Clio 3.

yes i would like to know when that new megane cc is coming out, 2.0 turbo, should be fast as fcuk.

ask them why there spares are so expensive.


Right, unfortunately the presentation was held before most of you guys came back with questions!

The only thing I did find out, and which most of you would be interested in, is that the Megane Renaultsport will be due towards the end of 2003. Itll be powered by a 2 litre turbocharged powerplant and will develop around 240-250 bhp.

A drop top will be out by summer next year as well - not sure what powerplant though.

Unlike Seat (who let us loose on a Leon Cupra, which I blasted along a dual carriageway at 130mph!), Renault had their people in the car with us so we couldnt rev the nuts off them! Still, they only bought us a 1.6 petrol and 1.9 diesel to drive about.

Although, the diesel was pretty nippy.....