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new megane

I like the new shape. At least, it is different. but am disappointed to learn that the leg and head room at the back are limited. If the price is right, I may buy one.

I like it.

But I love the Avatime (2-door coupe/concept car thingy). Im going to wait for the inevitable savvage depreciation to set in and then pick up a minter in three years time.

I also think the Vel Satis and new Espace look fab. I really like the way Renault is going with the style. Many dont! That, I think is the essential French car quality - and Renault seem to be taking off where Citroen left in the 1970s.

i cant stand the back of it, cant quite work it out. looks like they got the bloke and his elephant from the 206 advert to design it.

I didnt like it until I saw one on the move the other day. The press pics just didnt do it justice.

Gets the thumbs up from me.
  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

Like the front end.

The back end will probably grow on me but for now Im not too keen on it

I looked into getting a new megane as i currently have a megane coupe but for the price i could get a Clio Cup. So i ordered one and it has arrived at the dealers today:D:D
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Def getting the new Megane CC when it comes out next summer. Just hope they put a decent engine in it. Keeping the 172 though...