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New member - looking for some knowledge

  clio 138
Hey guys, first post so sorry (mods) if this breaks any rules (afaik it doesnt), I've been lurking about in the forums for a few years but only just decided to make an account. If this needs to be posted elsewhere could someone point me in the right direction please
So I drive a Clio 138 and have got a few questions that need some clearing up if anyone can help. I've spent the past year researching everything I could on this trim so I'm asking here because google or the forums didn't have a clear answer
1) Will coilovers from the 1.2-1.6 clios fit mine ok? From what I understand my car may possibly only have a wider than standard track (unsure of this) but suspension stuff should all be bolt on swap from standard clios so is it safe to assume that if im shopping for suspension parts I need to be looking at standard clio parts?
1.5) Assuming the suspension parts fit does anyone know a good place to find second hand clio coilovers? Known brands only I don't want those ebay coilovers
2) From my understanding my car also shares the same gearbox as the 197/200 only difference being ratios. Am I right in assuming that if I got an LSD for an RS it should also just bolt into my car?
3) Anyone had much success mapping these engines or in fact any of the standard clio engines? I'm not looking for power increase I'd be doing it mainly to even out the torque curve, just wondering if it's even possible to physically modify the tune in these.
4) Down the line I'd like to get new wheels for my car, I was thinking of 16x8 with et20-25ish, will this clear suspension parts ok and will it rub in the fenders? Anyone have any clue about the widest sizes you can run on this gen clio without rolling fenders?

I know there's a few people in the forums I should really be asking this to (Biohzrd and Dave138) but they had their clios years ago I have no idea if they'd be able to help now.
Cheers everyone