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New member with a mk1 16V

16V F7R

ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 16V
Hi all, I have purchased a valver around a couple of years back that has had a F7R conversion done by Hill Power. Car had been off the road for about 10 years and was certainly looking sorry for itself but I mainly bought it for the engine, box and ancillaries as I have an R5 and have been getting bored of driving a standard Gtt for years and the OE bug had started to wear off with me in regards to driving thrills. The car actually starts and drives and everything works (except the brakes) but I wasn’t expecting the shell to be any good although it hasn’t been used for a long time in it’s life.

Anyway I am at a bit of a crossroads now, as in the valver actually has a better shell than I thought and I think it is definitely worth saving and not stripping it of its F7R that has had very little use since it’s build and installation (sounds lovely with its Magnex). So I am thinking this may turn into a track car for me which is the long a short of it but there is plenty work to do and I’m already in the middle of stripping my R5 down for a second build (going the hole hog this time). Free time is my problem though which I have very little of, along with very little mechanical know how. However I enjoy grabbing an hour or two on my cars doing whatever I can whenever I can. I have done just a few track days in my time in various cars I’ve owned and I did say his valver would end up a track car for me if it was good enough.

Here is some pics and I will start a thread or two regarding problems I am coming across recommissioning it.


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Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  Lots of Scrap...
glad you are thinking of saving it, be a shame for another to die.

looks a good base for a track orientated sympathetic mini resto as well and it'll make a nice thing to sling around Cadwell when all this madness is over.

if its a realtively rot free N plate you've lucked out too as they are the least solid of all the mk1's/

shout me up if you need any advice, had mk1's for decades and know almost all there is to know without blowing my trumpet too hard (the missus tells me it's her job)

16V F7R

ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 16V
Nice 1 Coops. I will certainly be picking your brains at some point then! I have managed to fully bleed the breaks, remove the callipers, clean and regressed everything and they are all working again now. I had help to do it though. I thought I may need a new brake compensator but it’s freed up now and I’m glad as I couldn’t find one of those (well £400 off eBay).

I’m after a couple of back window fittings if you have any spare? The two by the b pillar. Also a ram air quick release air filter? The two fixings that hold the ingnition lead cover on the rocker cover? I hope to get it on the road this year and start putting it through its paces and then if all goes well get her on track ASAP. If the cars solid enough I will develop further as a fully focussed track car.


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Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  Lots of Scrap...
That looks like an old hill power induction kit, Nick Hill closed shop years ago although still dabbles in the scene sometimes. He's not supplying parts anymore though.

Your best resource these days is join the mk1 1.8 Facebook groups, there's a clique of us over there and we can all advise and source whatever you need

For the clips either these :

Or your new Internet favorites which will be young timers classics or bordanova motorsport, Google both

16V F7R

ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 16V
Thanks coops, that link is for Land Rover tow bar cover clips? Do they work and better than oe ones? Perspex windows would be better when the time comes!

I know Nick, he is local to me and did some work for me many years ago. I brought this Clio from him when I contacted him for an F7R.

I’m not on Facebook, I will google those names you mentioned thanks.


North Yorkshire & Humber
ClioSport Area Rep
Hill Power - what a name from the past.

One of the few clio tuners / specialists that bowed out with his reputation still intact!

Restore it!

Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  Lots of Scrap...
That's exactly why you have one of his induction kits on it then chap!

Unfortunately for community support Facebook these days is the biggest resource so may eventually be a necessary evil, don't worry we're all odd and trolly so you'll be fine! 🤣

Allegedly those land rover clips do a stirling job yes, again no trumpets blown but I've still got my og ones so not personal experience unfortunately

16V F7R

ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 16V
Haha! I’m not a Facebook fan but I know what your saying. I will look it up on my mrs Facebook and then I can hassle you folk on there!

I will still look out for a couple of oe ones first to be honest.

This bloody quick release air filter jobby. Ram air haven’t been that helpful this week but then why would they when someone just wants a replacement quick release filter? They sent me a link to a carb air filter with quick release adapter that sort of looks right but then you have to buy the filter with another adaptor plate that I don’t need or may or may not fit. Best to probably just buy the ram air air filter for the F7R but then will it fit in that fibreglass cover? I suppose more messages with measurements to see if I can fit it in before ordering. I don’t want to take off the Hill power mod!