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New member......

Morning guys!

Been on the forum a few times but have just had my first post in the general section. Someone asked me to post a few pics..........sorry its not a Renault guys but Ive owned a 16v Clio in the past and toyed with the idea of a V6 Clio. To be honest, Im just interested in cars full stop, so i hope you dont mind me checking out your site!!!!

Cheers guys!!!!

Sorry guys, cant work out how to show the pics in the thread!

Copy and paste im afraid unless someone can do it for me?

Cheers :)
  2004 Racing Blue 182

Quote: Originally posted by Darth Oli on 08 March 2005

Very nice:cool:

You dont see them everyday.

lol @ me bein a smartass

actually i do mate, there is one round the corner from me and i pass it everyday on the way to work!!!

very nice mate, one of the best soundin cars on the planet