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New Mk3 owner looking to meet up

  Clio RS200
HI all,

I bought my mk3 about a month ago and I love it.
I live in Midhurst in West Sussex, near the Surrey and Hampshire border.

Are there any other owners in the area? I'd be interested in meeting up and chatting about the cars, particularly about modifications people have made.

Had a shitty Focus before, so new to owning a decent car and having spent some time on the forum, I have a lot to learn!
  Clio 197 f1
I'm sorta in the area, but im Portsmouth, I see your car at hothatch Sunday inside on the track, as I was also in there I see your profile picture and see the plate. This is it isn't it? Couldn't get a real decent picture there seem to be people standing around or talking in a group all the time ?
Also a picture of mine if you see it or not ?‍♂
  Clio 197 f1
Yes that's mine!
How long have you had yours?
I thought it was, and I've had this one about a year and a half now might be 2 but mine was tracked before I got it and plagued with issues one being gearbox syncros, so had a new box put in, and various other issue, I even bought a renault clip because in the long run it saved me money. ?

But seems to be good now, but I had a clio 182 before my f1 I had that for like 4 years.


ClioSport Club Member
  RB 182 FF
There's a new Pub Club every 3rd Sunday of the month, currently being held at a pub in the South Downs. Mix of cars, stretching from RS Clios right up to Ferrari's, welcome to come along - fire me a PM for more info. It's a static meet so chin wagging and standing around but the same group of us do a lot of drives early on Sunday mornings. Come along to Pub Club and we can tell you all about it if you're interested in having a blast.