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New pics! And a mates new website!

  Clio 182

LOL, Croydon?! wtf! Its east london mate, right next to the dome.

Turinis are only going temporarily, just fancy a change for a bit.

Cheers for the comments guys! anyone try the website? what ya think?
  Street Triple R

lol @ Croydon

Croydon is a proper dump!

nice pics Dan! oh and what camara do you use?
  big red bus

Those 4 buildings remind me of Croydon at night :oops:

I knwo were bouts u are now. Those are the Bank towers at the docklands.
  Clio 182

Wheels will be revealed next week! there a bit old skool...

Thanks for the comments lads, much appreciated!
  Clio 182

Quote: Originally posted by pigme1000000 on 02 March 2005
how many mega pixels has that cam got??? crystal clear!!!!

All on the website chap! have a ganders...

Superb photos, methinks we have a bit of a photographer in the house. Available light (no flash) with pin sharp focus over long exposure? What cam was used for those pics? Tripod/cushion?


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio trophy

what a cool car you got there... real nice and clean! but it wont be for long in this weather!