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New Racing Stripe! gold!!!

  Renault Clio1.2Versailles
hey everyone! i know how opinions are divided with the topic of racing stripes - to have/or not to have. well i ignored the not to have and got it done today. its unusual and unique because its gold and for those of you who know my green/gold colour-matching you'll see why i got it! enjoy:D

there is a pic of me mate an his micra that he has had done as well. he works in a bodyshop and he did both of our cars professionally (cos he knows what he is doin) for £20 hehe!:cool:

  Damage repaired
Looks erm..well...mmmmm...interesting, shall we say.....but an honest opinion looks sh*te mate...sorry:quiet:
  car? need a license 1st!
hahahahah.. silly.

maybe on a clio sport or a micra sr? green and gold don't go well together at all.

each to thier own.
  Mk1 Ph2 1.4 RT !FOR SALE!
Good job your mate works in a bodyshop so that he could proffessionally stick that sticker on.

I'm not a fan of either car, but as long as you like it
  Renault Clio1.2Versailles
Nyphur said:
Good job your mate works in a bodyshop so that he could proffessionally stick that sticker on.

I'm not a fan of either car, but as long as you like it

lol cheers but it aint a sticker, we had to scotch it, primer base it, mask it off an laquer.
  cock mobile.
Amazing, get gold alloys, gold wing mirrors, gold side strips etc to match, will look fantastic! :approve:
  Megane Mk4
tommyboy said:
pmsl at that. and the taped up wing mirror haha

Least the tape matches the stripes ;)

Fair play to you for having the cahoonas to pull it off mate, not to everyones taste but at the end of the day, it's your car.
Things I would have done first:

Removed fluffy dice
Put standard aerial back on
Fixed wing mirror properly
Fitted fog lights
Colour coded bumpers, wing mirrors and side strips.

and finally

Realised that gold stripes done in the style of gordini stripes would make my car look stupid even if I had done other work to make it look less like a poverty spec model, and that now it looks like every car on mcdonalds car park on a thursday night at merry hill
lol its gonna cos you a bit to get the bonnet sprayed to get it off:(

should of just saved up and got it all colour coded would look 100X better
  172 cup TT
We maybe sounding harsh but imagine throwing on what looked like a pair of burberry pyjamas for a night out and asking a mate if you looked alright in them.. Would you prefer the mate to say, "haha, you look like a b3llend get them off".. or the mate who says "erm yeh looks fine, then you get ripped to shreds and end up in a chav fight at the end of the night"

Akin us to the first - its for your own good (head pat)
  Arctic Blue 182
lol - not for me, but like some of the others say, its your car.
if you like it, enjoy it :)