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New RB 182 Owner.


ClioSport Club Member
  clio dynamique
Hi Everyone.

I had a 2003 clio dynamique back in 2011 when I was 18. At the time I used to trawl this forum often and was in awe of all the 172 and 182’a but could never dream of affording the insurance then, nevermind the car. I cringed at my old posts when I logged back into my old account this year!

The cars I have had since, have been good but tame. From Hyundai Coupe 😂 to E class.

I missed the days of having a car I could tinker with. So I set about looking for a weekend car.

I was amazed to see this forum still going strong 10 years on and it really got me exited again and I made my mind up on the car I wanted.

On Friday I picked up a RB Clio 182. The car was the colour I always wanted and is in decent condition. The main attraction was the limited owners (I’m the third) and the folder of history.

First job will be to clean out the interior and fit new gear knob, steering wheel and original radio.

I have posted some photos and perhaps someone may know the previous owner which would be nice!

I will start a project thread once I get the bits to fit!



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