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new rear drums/bearings


The rear drum on my girlfriends 51 clio 1.2 (with ABS) has locked up because the lining has come off. Its happened before but this time it was stuck solid. I've used a hub puller to prise the drum off but its got some nasty gashes in it and I want to replace it (and the other side). The wheel bearing has also come out (probably due to my heavy handed tactics).

Does anyone know if new drums come complete with the bearings already pressed in?
Just been reading the Haynes book of lies and it specifically states the front bearings need to be hyrdaulically pressed (or similar), but doesn't say anything for the rear. Can they just be pressed in by hand?

If anyone could give me any pointers it would be much appreciated, as its something I've not tackled before.



  RS 182 - Black Gold
The rears also need to be pressed in.
Local garage should be able to help for about £15/20

Unless you have access to a hydraulic press :)