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New rear shocker leaking

  BG182 Cup, Discovery
Bought some new rear shockers from ktec a month or so ago and one of them is leaking already! Will they warrant the shocker and will I have to send it to them before I get a replacemt?
  Ph1 172
Are they genuine Renault? Myself and a few other people had this with new genuine shocks recently - if you have standard springs they should replace them.


ClioSport Club Member
  981 Cayman
Get some good pictures of them leaking, have them ready on the computer when you call Ktec so you can email them to them while on the phone and they might be able to send out a new one there and then.

But the only way you will find out is to ring them!
  clio 172 cup
Whats going on with these shocks? I've fitted 2 new sets of rear shocks and ones leaking AGAIN!! How can Renault warrant selling such naff spares.

I came on to ask if theres any other reason they could be leaking. But it seems it's just bad quality parts.