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new snowfoam bottle

  Mk2 Clio 1.6
can these be bought separately (as i just broke the neck of mine) or do you need to buy the whole lance again for 50quid?

  ur megane r26
i broke the neck of mine but only just split it rather than completely cracked it, think i am going to try and seal it again somehow, sorry know that doesnt help you lol but would also like to know this
  Mk2 Clio 1.6
it is still attatched, but only by a thread, so thought i may aswell buy a new one if i can. anyone know of anywhere?
  Bumder With A Buffer
No different threads.

Do you just need the bottle then?? sorry I though you ment the top part?? :S


  db detailing™
The clue is in the title Rich!

  Bumder With A Buffer
:) lol!

In hindsight he could of meant the top part that attaches to the PW. Then who would be right then huh?? ;) :) :) MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  Mini JCW
My SF bottle snapped the other day, the Megs LT bottle is a cheap replacment, using that now myself :)
  mk7 fiesta zs
got my lance from cleanyourcar - bottle neck broke on it a while ago. wilkinsons spray bottle fits a treat