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New springs on a cup

Hi, im getting a mate to fit a set of Eibach pro springs to my cup and he has asked me to get all the figures for things like tracking, camber ,caster etc. Do i have him set it to the normal cup setting (which i need please) or is there a better setting?

thanks in advance


Sorry, my previous car was an Elise, so used to having fully adjustable suspension. Anyway, so just the tracking will need doing? If so what should i tell him to set it to?



Well, when I got my Eibach Pro Kit put on, the guys setup the tracking to be parallel, and after 10,000 miles I changed the front tyres, and my tyre guys said that the tyre wear couldnt have been better, so Id say go for setting it up parallel.

K-Tec do some sort of system that allows you to adjust the front camber by + or - 3 degrees - this is what the 172 Cup has 3degrees negative camber - its in their new catalogue somewhere at the end - ring up and ask them!
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Wouldnt the negative camber give you better turn in (or something) 0 degrees would give you better tyre life