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New to Clio’s, ANY HELP

HI, i drive a Saxo now and im lookin to upgrade to a 172 next year but i need to know a few answers ....

1) How much can you lower a 172 by. I take it is a torsion bar on the back. So would a 60f-60r drop be a good choice?

2) If you add M3 mirrors with LEDs will you lose the electric mirror control?

3) Are the windows easy to tint, or do they hav a matrix (small dots for heat)

Any help would be v.much appreciated
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1. 40+mm if you are staying with the 16" wheels. Dont go any lower than 30mm if youre planning on fitting 17s.

2. Dont know anyone whos done this on a 172

3. No dots - quite a few have had them tinted and you can get a discount if youre a member of this club I believe.

And welcome!

You can buy the M3 mirrors that can be used so that you wont loose the electric mirror control. BUT, they are more expensive. My mate had some put on his escort, cant remeber prices though but they were more pricey.

no way! french car with springs all round, thats great are you sure. i thought it would hav been macpherson struts with torsion bar at rear.

im goin to modify this clio to the max, im after a show winner!

Ive seen a 172 slammed to the floor on 17s. is this jus major arch work?
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Def springs all round Ive lowered mine 30mm on Eibach springs and fitted 17" ACE 197s (ET40) and I have no problems with scrubage. People who have ET37 alloys have problems with rubbing on the arches so you will need to mod them if you plan to go lower. The older (pre 98) Clios were torsion bars at the rear - I think?!?!

Yeah, the pre-98 Clio had two torsion bars at the rear, the 16v/Williams had four. Really awkward to work on, but if youve got the know-how then you can adjust the rear ride height as you please.

Although both based on springs, the phase 1 and phase 2 Clio 2 (post 98) do differ at the rear - cant remember what exactly though.