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new to the forum

  Arctic 182 + yozza
hi guys,

been browsing for a while, havent posted yet.

im currently driving a 2004 1.4 punto sporting running 125bhp atf, i was looking to move to a LY 197 but my mum is looking to sell me her 05' 182 so will hopefully own it by the new year.

just a few things.

what do 182's make on RR? 182 atf? i've heard they only make 160-170?

so my question is how does a 182 get to 60 2 seconds quicker than my punto with only 40 more bhp?

cheers guys!
  Titanium 182
160-170 ATF is about right yes at a recent RR day the 182's all made about 172bhp atf.
40BHP is quite a lot you know haha, some cars only have 60bhp.

Plus it will handle better ;)
  Dynamique Flamer
182s wont run that on the rollers they are under powed but so are the 197s and 172s LOL

Welcome to cs btw :approve:
  Arctic 182 + yozza
oh there is no question on the handling. the grip is actually unreal. my mum drives her's...enthuastically? enough to make my palms sweat anyway!

just wanted to make sure i wasnt going to be dissapointed in straight line speed e.t.c thats all.
  Titanium 182
Wouldn't worry mate it will be a fair whack quicker. The 5k kick makes it feel a bit better too.