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new to this site :)

  clio 172 sport
Hi people. Im new to this site but hoping I can find some help?
My car has just gone into the garage for a cambelt and auxiliary belt change. The mechanic has told me the cambelt was 2 teeth out. Well he has put it all back together but now it is making a really horrible grinding noise at 1400 rpm. Anyone have any idea whats happened as it was running fine before he touched it. Someone please help as I want my car back. Its a clio 172 sport btw lol
  clio 172 sport
Thanks for the welcome :) .
my mechanic did say it might not be timed right as it had slipped 2 teeth.
Didnt think it would run if that was the case
. Only had the car a few months so I dont really know a lot about them.
Someone said to me the camshaft dephaser pulley might not be working properly?


  Z4, VW172, R26
You need to make sure whoever does the belts uses genuine renault locking tools. . Thats all I know ;)