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New Type R pics

  cock mobile.
How damn annoying is that site?!

Can't say I've been impressed with pics that I've seen of the new Civic, assuming it is the Civic we are talking about here?
  E91 M Sport
Never seen 18" wheels look so small before!

Unless the car re-defines handling / performance, I think the Focus ST / mk5 GTI are more attractive packages.
Here's the car hot-hatch fans have been waiting for - the next-generation Honda Civic Type R.

Due to get its first public airing at the Paris motor show, the new Type R uses a mildly tweaked version of the original car's 2.0-litre i-VTEC engine. It now has 198bhp on tap instead of 197, and although that figure is now reached at 8000rpm (instead of the old model's 7400rpm), Honda says that the useable torque is available from lower down the rev range with the new car.

The new Type R does carry a little extra weight, but Honda says that slightly shorter gear ratios will compensate. Accordingly, performance should match that of the old-gen Type R - the new model will hit 62mph in 6.6sec and go on to a top speed of 146mph.

The Type R sits 15mm lower than the regular model, on 225/40 ZR18 rubber. Unfortunately, the rear torsion beam suspension remains, albeit with uprated dampers, bushes and springs. Honda claims that the regular Civic is one of the stiffest cars in its class, but it's added further strengthening to the floor cross-member, lower cross-member and upper front suspension mountings. Interestingly, it also promises heavier steering, potentially addressing one of the original car's real weak points.

The car's styling doesn't quite match that of the attention-grabbing concept (going down from 19in to 18in wheels hasn't helped) but it still looks dramatic, aided by seven-spoke alloys, spoilers at the front and rear, Type R logos on the brake callipers and a black honeycomb mesh grille sporting a red 'H' badge.

Inside, the sporty touches include red illuminated dials and a leather steering wheel with red stitching, plus bucket front seats with Alcantara bolsters. The dash also features an i-VTEC indicator which lights up once the revs rise above 5200rpm. Other detailing includes Type R logos on the door sills and a plaque engraved with each car's serial number.

Honda is also promising a GT model, which will blend the Type R mechanicals with extra kit including cruise control, dual-zone air conditioning, fog lights, automatic headlights and wipers, and curtain SRS bags.

The new Type R should go on sale in the UK in March 2007, priced at around £18,500

1bhp more + extra weight = WEAK
  tiTTy & SV650
hmm i thought they were planning a 2.4 or something?!

it's 197 money at £18,500 i'd rather have neither lol
  X-172 Cup
looks like it will make it straight to the barry boys site from the back - nasty...I'd get an Integra DC5 instead if I wanted the red H...
  Mondeo STTDCI
I want one. I've wanted one since driving a 2.2 Diesal Variant of the New Civic. Simply, awesome cars.
  Renault Clio Mk1 1.4 RT
Dave said:
I want one. I've wanted one since driving a 2.2 Diesal Variant of the New Civic. Simply, awesome cars.

I'm with you on that bud!!

I think they are well nice and im sure some company will bring out a nice mod to add a few BHP or loose some weight!!!


  An orange one
current type-r? looks??

breadvan? MPV? boring..dull bland shape?

need i go on?

that new one looks like a fast honda should!
  clio 172
looks stunning.
and sure when its 5 years old it wil be worth alot more than a 5 year old ST. or clio 197 for that matter.
how do the old ones compare with the price of a same age 172 ph2 ff?
damn site more if i remember correctly.
  Renault Clio 172 Ph2
There same performance as current ctr to the decimal. 6.6 0-62 and 146 top end. Obviously top gear ratio is simlar. I love the front, interior I gotta see it in real, and dont like rear as i find it to confusing.


  Clio 172 (Silver)
I'm a fan of honda's as a previous owner. The japs can sure make cars and its the inside I like the best
  from Trophy 2 work van :(
Interior and overall quality is exceptional, but the looks are a complete shambles from the side and rear imho :coffee:
  cock mobile.
I'll be waiting on this myself:


  Megane 225
Very busy-looking isn't it? Quite nice but I'll be craving a V6 tone by the time the next change is due I think.
  RARE Unmolested Corsa sxi
my neighbour just bought a 2002 civic type R. sweet as fook. took me for a ride, 200bhp later and i want one