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new tyres

  RenaultSport clio 182 CUP
Looking for 2 new michelin exaltos for me car....

Where can i get them for much cheapness???
Fully fitted from E-Tyres you're looking at £115 per corner for 205/45 16" PE2s!

EDIT - That prices is for a W rated tyre,V rated are £99 per corner...
  182 - conneries de c
Hi, check a thread that was running recently on a group buy for the Pilot Exaltos.

Alternatively try - are doing them fitted for £99.90 each with mobile fitting.£100.80 each fitted£75.40 each delivered only, no fitting

I'm off to Costco myself to get mine fitted for £83.70 each.......bargin!!

All are 205/45/16 V rated

Hope that helps.