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New V6 Clio info wanted...


  Shiny red R32


I was going to ask Santa for one, but I think he might say that as I have only driven my 172 for 2,700 miles in 9 months, that it will never get run in properly!



I dont know about you but Im effectively semi-hibernating my clio over the winter months, just bringing it out for the 12 mile round trip to work! Ill try to limit the millage to under 1000 miles over 4 months or so!

Cool, thanks! So can we expect dealers to have demo cars at the end of this year or early next year? Wonder how much the V6 will be on import?!


  Shiny red R32


That is about the mileage I do anyway, especially as I only work about 1 1/2 miles from where I live!

Keeps my car looking like new, and there are no dings or any marks on it.

Touch wood!

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GirlRacer wouldnt that increase wear on the car as the engine wouldnt have got hot in that 1 1/2 miles so the oil isnt protecting properly.

If that was me Id walk, also gets you fitter and you can do your bit for the enviorment at the same time

It certainly wont be doing the engine any good, you can limit this by letting it warn up for 10 minutes before driving anywhere - this is what I try to do whenever possible - though I do live about 18 miles from work so it gets a nice run every day.

I heard the price "was likely to be in the region of £27k" - but will certainly be asking the question at the motorshow at the weekend.
  Clio v6

tomclio1.2... I really envy you. Going from a 1.2 ( not puting 1.2s down ) My last car was a 172 and although the V6 is much faster. The difference youll find will be incredible.

Things to prepare..

Widen garage.

Widen driveway.

Buy a bigger sponge.

Oh and also be prepared for all the girls screaming at you. BCSD:)

All the boys drouling over you!;)

PS> I really am warming to the new V6 but MY WIFE will divorce me if I even mention it. Such a hard decission.


  Shiny red R32


Sometimes I go the long way round, along the lanes for a couple of miles which warms it up a bit better, and usually once a week my hubby swaps cars with me and as he drives about 15 miles to work, my little 172 gets warmed up. Having a 3.2 Beemer, he doesnt really like the Clio much, but the young lads at his work do! He says that the seats are far too high. I have to agree there and wondered if there is there anything that could be done to lower them?

Sparcos. race ones. Do you want your interior to sound like a skeleton w**king in a tin can though?

Bye bye back seat access too

Dont do short journeys either, have you had cat trouble yet? are your baffles rattling? thats the sulphur rotting the arse out of your system

V6 is rude BTW.

Tried to get near it and cop a feel at Paris motor show, Some moustachioed frenchmen herded us away though. its not better than the first, its just evolved:D
  Clio v6

GR The new V6 is said to have a "lower seating position at last". Maybe we could find out what exactly Renault have done to make this possible , and copy it? Might just be a case of removing some spacers :)

Oh and should you take your "little 172" up to the scary highs of 140ish mph, it will feel every bit as big as a 3.2, but not half as much fun as chucking around country lanes.



new job= new car (im in the money la la la)

they have fitted diffrent subframes to the seats and its lower by 25mm

garage is wide enough (just)

any questions?
  Clio v6

Oh just one. I would need the seat raised to the top to let me see over the dash. So I guess this is one (fix) I wouldnt benefit from.

Quote: Originally posted by MarkB on 29 October 2002

It certainly wont be doing the engine any good, you can limit this by letting it warn up for 10 minutes before driving anywhere - this is what I try to do whenever possible - though I do live about 18 miles from work so it gets a nice run every day.
OH, just a work, prolonged idle and warmup time is just as detrimental running with no oil....well, not that bad. Acids created during slow warmup attack all surfaces and corrode/wear internal surfaces....if you do not burn them off...they will stay in there and damage further. The ideal is just to turn on teh motor and one oil pressure is up to teh norm, drive normally (i.e. not raggin it) so warmup is fast . And and due to teh nature of oil, you will not wear anyfaster with cold oil as long as it is being pumped round.

And if you want a new V6, please dont come to me......RENAULT are specifying that we HAVE to sell it for a mere 40 grand!!!!! AIYA!

Mad people the French!

Just got this response from Renault UK:-

Thank you for your enquiry. Unfortunatly we only have limited information on the new Clio V6 255. The earliest production date will be May 2003 and as yet we have no indication on price, although it is likely to be around £2000 more than the current model ie. approx #28,000. However orders are now being taken for the waiting list and your name could be added upon receipt of a £1000 refundable deposit. Please contact me if you are interested.