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New windscreen seal


ClioSport Moderator
I bought a new windscreen seal kit as they were fairly cheap and my old ones were in really bad shape. I pulled the old one off no problem.

Im struggling to get the new one on and wondered if anyone else here had done this and if so how do you get the top windscreen to roof seal in place.

Ive tried using a little wd40 to slide the seal along the window but can only get it half way. I have also tried pressing it in.

Anyone got tops before I go to autoglass.

Old Tarby!

ClioSport Moderator
I'll keep an eye on this as I need to do mine aswell.

I was seal, accidentally on purpose smash my screen, when they turn up to replace it "oh, here's a new seal can you fit that please"


ClioSport Moderator
Yes it really is a windscreen out job but can be done with the old screen in place.
Ok update ..... ive been messing further and have got it on !

-Rip the old seals off - this is pretty easy just start from one end and pull carefully.
-Get the new seals out.
-Start with the top seal, from one end push the seal around the edge of the glass and push down so it clips into place, you then need to use your thumb to press really really hard moving along a cm at a time. It will force the seal in to place. It took a good 10 minutes using this method.
-Next you need to do the side seals. start from the top. The top corner piece has a little slot that needs to be clipped into the top seal, once that is done you then just slot the seal into the rail and tuck the last bit under the scuttle panel.

I messed up a little with the side seals and started from the bottom and it became obvious this was a stupid idea.
  Seat Leon
Legend thanks for that,i was told obviously wrong buy the windscreen company.Thanks mate for the info.