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Newbie from West Sussex (2002 RS172)

  Clio RS172
Hi, Just bought a RenaultSport Clio 172 off a friend of mine.


My only previous Renault Experience was when i was 19 and i bought a 2 year old Renault 19 16Valve (phase1).
It wasnt a good ownership experience and i have kept well away from the marque ever since.

However, recently i have had to take on the school run of a morning and i was not willing to let my kids anywhere near my other car, and so when my friend offered me his Renault Clio RS172 for a very good price. And with my brother now being a Renault Main Dealer Service Manager. I decided i'd take a punt.....

Planned initialy to just be a 'tool' for ferrying the kids around and going back and forth to work, that very quickly changed the first time i drove the car late at night on one of my favorite roads.... I'm now completely in love with the little rascal and having had my brother thoroughly inspect the car (it has a full Renault Service History with evidence of a recent timing belt change, clutch and a Renault supplied and fitted replacement gearbox 2 years ago).
I now plan to do a few mods.....

Nothing major, The car already has a Scorpion Exhaust, and i plan to just change the filter for a K-Tech foam one and the inlet pipe for a larger Samco one, a de-cat and i will look into hub centric wheel spacers.

The wheels could do with a re-furb (just need to decide if i want to stay silver or go metalic grey).


  Clio RS172
Thanks Seb......

Had a good look around the forum last night before i joined, and it seems to be a busy, friendly and helpful site (which is nice to find)
I'm from Worthing as well, you might see (or more likely hear) my ITB'd 172 cup!

Car looks nice, personally I'd chuck a set of turinis on there instead of refurbing the standard wheels but obviously it's personal choice!
  Clio RS172
I'll look (listen) out for it JPD...... Funny enough I did think about silver 17" Turini's as I put a set of 18"s on a Mitsubishi Evo that owned a few years back. They are a great wheel BUT on this occasion I’ll stick to the OE wheels. I am looking into good quality hub-centric spacers though.