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Newbie Spacer Question


ClioSport Club Member
I'm considering spacers for my 182, the rear seems easy enough, 10mm PMS stub axle type as below to avoid extra load on the wheel bearings. As I understand it this doesn't require any adjustment to the wheel bolt length.

The front seems more complex though, from what I've read hubcentric are the better and pricier type, and anecdotally seem less likely to end up with wheel nut/stud breaking?
I initially thought I'd go for 10mm on the front to match the rear, but it seems you can't get hub centric spacers this small.
I'd be happy to go to 20mm on the front, I'm not sure about any more than that.

Just to confirm, a spacer like the below, is hubcentric and therefore bolts on it's own to the brake disk and then another 4 bolts to hold the wheel to the spacer?

Does that therefore mean that I can keep the standard length wheel bolts?

If I do need longer wheel bolts for the front, what is the recommended size, or should I go for a stud conversion to save the hassle? Will 68mm be about right?

Any other things to be aware of with spacers and stud conversions?
Hopefully this makes sense to someone, I couldn't make sense of it by reading old forum posts.


ClioSport Club Member
Hubcentric has the lip on the spacer, making it like a hub.

There are 2 types. A normal hubcentric like above, or a bolt to hub type. A bolt to hub type has 4 (or 5 if you have 5 stud) holes that are normally threaded or have a champhered insert that bolts to the hub. These are supplied with the spacer and sit either flush or slightly deeper. You will then have another 4 holes offset, that your wheels bolt onto. Because the wheel bolt holes are now essentially a new hole, your wheel bolts should have stayed the same length, meaning you can use your existing/standard bolts/studs. This spacer is acting like a new hub, just further out of what the spacer size is.

A normal hubcebtric spacer has holes that match up to the hub. Because of this, you'll need longer bolts or studs to allow for the extra spacer, plus your standard bolt/stud length. This is just a slip on spacer that has a lip, creating the hub.

Most hubcentric spacers start from 15mm because of they way they are designed, as you need the extra material to make the hub lip and can't be done on a smaller spacer as the original hub lip will foul the rear of the spacer.

A normal slip on spacer:


A hubcebtric spacer


A bolt to hub hubcebtric spacer:


I hope I've worded it well and the pictures help understand it better. Prices wise a bolt to hub is generally quite a bit more. Some prefer the design as they like to keep standard bolts/studs. A slip on hubcentric spacer means you'll have to buy new, longer bolts/studs. Probably works out a little cheaper. Personal preference really.
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ClioSport Club Member
Cheers guys, I'll have a look at price difference between bolt to hub and the normal type + a stud conversion. Is there any safety benefit between the two options and will a mechanic or tyre monkey look at me like I'm an alien if I tell them it's got studs, not bolts and a locker?