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Newbie to cliosport .

  1999 clio 172 track
Hi all
just checking in to say hello
My name is Martin.

My friend Carl and his dad started a number of years ago doing track days, pretty much exclusively oulton park. They used a few different motors in the beginning but ultimately settled on a 1999 Clio 172 that he originally got as a cheap run around for his wife. Quickly realising its potential it cost him a replacement ride in the shape of a Lexus is200 for the wife and there began the journey of modification, an endless battle for weight reduction, power and reliability. Sadly a year and a half ago my pals dad passed away shortly after completing his last day at oulton park, riddled with cancer and fitted with a colostomy bag he still managed to put in a 2:12 ( unofficially timed of course ). Shortly after this Carl approached me as he knew he couldn't do the track days alone or really he didn't want to, plus he was gonna need someone to help share the associated costs. I agreed to go 50 / 50 on the cars running / driving with him whilst the ownership of the car remained his. So here we are today still doing track days at oulton park, and probably like most people on here i came across this site whilst on the hunt for info and other peoples experiences with these cars being used as we are.


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  Clio 172
Hi Martin. Sorry about your friends dad, but great you have continued on with the car. I am sure his dad would be chuffed that it is still going and you are both getting enjoyment from it.

Get some pictures and details of the car up. This is a great site for knowledge and information. If there is some information you cannot find, there will definately be someone on here that knows the answer!!


South East - Essex
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Please enjoy your stay.

Undoubtedly there will be others from here at any given track day if you need any help at the time, otherwise as above there is anything you could possibly want to know about Clios on here. Probably too much actually :LOL: