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Newbie... With a Question



Hi All, this is my first post on this forum, I have been browsing it for some time, since I got my Clio RS back last March.

Anyway it has been a great source of info, there is some very knowledgable people on here :)

I have been into my Renaults for years; previous cars include; mk1 Clio 16v, Laguna 2 Privilege & Laguna 1 Executive 3.0 V6 (miss that car, was lowered on 19", full stainless, chipped etc)

At present I currently have a 2003 Clio 172, its completely standard at the moment, I dont have major plans just a few subtle improvements. I am in the middle of shorting it out following a failed MOT at the weekend :(

Aside from that I have a Magnex 6x4 oval back box on its way to me (I know there is mixed opinions on these, but i found Magnex to be a good quality exhaust) I will be fitting this hopefully at the weekend...following that the car is due a service, so any recommendations on oil, plugs etc? ...

Many Thanks

  Mondeo TDCI 130
NGK - PFR6E-10, plugs to use, don't touch anything else imo! oil any good 5-40 will be fine! :) Can't really beat genuine filter's! :)


Thanks for the prompt reply :)

Would that be a fully synthetic 5-40? I think fully is all thats available with that viscosity? Is an oil change an easy job? can it be done on the drive type without ramps?

Thanks again
  Mondeo TDCI 130
Yep go fully synthetic, it's not a bad job, sump plug is an 8MM square. Remove the fuel rail guard to make getting to the oil filter easier!