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  clio 1.5dci
Hi everyone,

Am looking to get a clio 172 so thought it would be a good idea to come one here and get some advice /information.

Have had a ctr before and was wondering how the 172 cup compares to it performance wise?

Hopefully looking at a 172 cup today its got slightly high miles for the year but seems well looked after, just hope its not another bad one seems to be alot of rough ones around. will get some pictures up if i get it.

  197 ff albi
hi buddy welcome, my mate ash - ash172 raped ctrs in his clio, on a par performance wise if you ask me, where abouts you from im guessing 'stevewales2003' your from wales but where abouts, if you see a clio with plate l33 CUP stay away has had a very very hard life by a tool in bridgend