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  2004 Clio dci 65
Hi all.
Was considering buying a clio earlier this year but was saving up a bit after blowing all my savings on being unemployed for 5 months (long story).
My first car was a 106 1.5 Diesel which did me well for just over 3 years until it's headgasket went on me spectacularly on the way back from Oxford on easter weekend. After spending a week driving a 40 year old land rover to and form work a 54 plate clio Dci came up on ebay an hour away from home. Went up with my grandad on the monday evening, and it was spotless apart from a scuff on the bump strip on the back door, and wear and tear on the driver's seat. 80,000 miles and full service history. I put down a deposit and brought the rest of the £2,500 I paid for it the night after and drove it away.

Perhaps a little overpriced, but I was desperate and it all seemed ok. A couple of months later and I'm getting along well with it. It's giving me 60 mpg which is better than the 106, and it's got tons more power too even though it's only the 65bhp model. Had I known there were 3 different diesel engines, I might have held out for an 85 or 100, but this one goes well enough.

- Jack

Here are some pics, I washed it yesterday for the first time.