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Newish member + new clio


Hiya peeps. Been lurking on her for a while now until i got my clio..

Anyway i got a clio off this very forum, from DimmaDave whos a very nice chap too. Picked it up from scotland, from sheffield. Dave looked so upset to see it go and righly so.

Anyway im loving it to bits, going to get a quote later for some minor body repairs and then just drive around for the sake of it :D

Youll probably see me post here if i have any problems or need advice etc so hi, everyone :)
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You dont see many dimmas around.

Some polished deep dish wheels would look the shizzle.
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welcome mate! very rare those dimmas!id look at the wheels too! the tyres look a little low so nows a good time to get a wheel and tyre package!;)

cheers fellas. It came with the performance enhancing cliosport sticker :D Yeah theres loads i have planned for when insurance and funds allow!

A worry at the moment though is why the brake lights dont work? Any reason for this, would it be a fuse or sensor?

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Welcome m8, sweet car u got there, as above, colour code the back seats and the door cards with the cobras and itll look even sweeter!

Glad your enjoying my car!!!Seriously though that was one of the hardest things ive done watching you drive out of my street and away with MY car,still havent got over not seeing it in the driveway every morning :(
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Tom - Dimma is just a Bodystyling / Conversion company so the Engine will be whatever was in it when it started life as a normal narrow arched Clio ;-)

Think this one is a 1.4, but mine was a Clio 16v that had the Dimma treatment:

Wheels were something i spent around 2 Months trying to sort out!!!!

You Cant buy wheels with the correct offset to make them come that far out the arches, you either have to get Custom rims.


Get some Hub adapters made up (around £200) by an engineering company to fit whatever wheels you choose for it.

Its a right pain to be honest but theres no other way around it!

Custom wheels will be £1500 without tyres, so its a lot cheaper to get some Adapters made.

PM ColinS as he had a Maxi kit fitted and had to do the same as me when it came to Hub adapters etc. color=#0000ff /U