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Next Llandow Track day date ideas?



After the success of thursdays track day at Llandow and the number of PM's iv had since asking when the next one is, ill be organising another one for a few months time. Just trying to get a feel of what date would be best, also whether its worth doing a weekend event instead of a weekday. There is a price difference though.

Basically if we do it on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, it will be around £58.50 (couple of pound more than last last one due to vat increase)

Monday or Friday will be around £65

Saturday will be around £84

Sunday will be around £120

As the last one, these prices are set be LLandow circuit. Obviously its cheaper to do it on the weekday.

All ideas and comments welcome.
  Nothing at the mo :(
sat is better imo .. most people have sats of then the week.. reason i couldnt go this time was cause it was in the week
how about increasing the number of cars to 40 to decrease the
price on a saturday (£60)?? .
we could do 4 groups in the morning then
open pit in the afternoon ,who ever still has a running car :D
could enjoy the rest of the day .


ill talk to llandow about the price, see what i can do. i could bump it up to around 35 people and try and get open pit lane all day.
40 cars is too many when only 10 are allowed on track at a time.

its not when you are running open pit .
most importantly there is no fokn around with loosing precious time
after every group session , you simply queue up and
get on the track once the 10th car gets out .
you still have 10 cars on the track at a time .

this also fills the gap caused by broken cars not using their slots
in a group . works very well on every RTOC national day running
50-60 cars in total at mallory park :cool: obviously llandow is not that
big hence i said 40 cars

btw i am not bothered about the price either but more cars
would make it a better event imo .
  Mk1 Clio RSi
I'm game for whenever really
Mondays are ideal but tbh any day isn't too much of an issue to get off work
count me in though! Preferably begining of a month for payday reasons!!


ClioSport Trader
Count me in, not August though as im likely to be on holiday somewhere ...

Saturdays would be nice as Sarah can come as well then!! Was a perfect track for the sexo, ie not too high speed (lack of power) so id be happy to do it again asap.

No track days booked in for May or July yet. Hint hint ;)