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next mods<-------------------------------

what has everyone got planned to get done to there cars before summer?

im thinking along the lines of;

leather interior?
khan steering wheel
get wheels painted white?
Stage 2 hill power conversion/2L bottom end/turbo conversion?
or none of the above :D

Stop with the white wheels!!

I hope to fit this bloody stainless steel grille from k-tec

Summertime i might take the trip to Dorset to get the spax suspension/damper kit fitted and also the fast road discs and kevlar pads.

Im looking at £400 not including whatever they charge for labour

I wanted to get into premium bonds, ah well, theres always next year!

alloys, performance plugs / leads / air filter element and clear side repeaters all coming up in the next few weeks for mine.

Probably get the Hill power chip and Re-map. Colour code side srtips and get some annoying chips/dents sorted. Nothing fancy Im afraid

mine - gotta get it back to how it was when i bought it...gotta fix the dmage from hitting the kerb in ice, am in the process of sueing the lorry driver who went into me and wrecked my rear quarter, then she will look mint!

im modelling mine on getting as clean a motor as clean16v, but please dont get the white wheels, IMHO i reckon theyll look cack with the black paint (of course, just my view;))!

ive just booked mine in at the end of the month for flowed head/cams/chip, coilovers, uprated clutch and 4 pot brakes.

after that, gotta get a key strach sprayed, and then tints i reckon