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Nice Blackberry/Android App

  Bus w**ker
Check out It basically reads your texts/emails out loud to you (you can turn it off) and automatically replies to the sender to let them know they you'll get back to them later.

If like me you do quite a bit of long distance driving and like not to die in a flameball whilst trying to read/reply to a text/email but get annoyed wanting to know what the message is about it's a nice app. The free version will only read out a maximum of 25 words and has some gay auto reply advertising the app but it gives you an idea of how it works and does the trick. Full version is about $13, about £8 at a guess, IIRC.
  Blown up 182 & Mondeo TDI
USA only by the looks of it.

Good idea though, my TomTom had this feature and provided your mum sint in the car it is useful
  Bus w**ker
Eh? It's not Satnav.

Anyway it's a battery killer so had to go. Even when it's turned off it runs as a background process and can't be disabled.