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Nice Clio compliments

  VW Potato

Just wanted to share with you Clio-lovers the nice things folks have said about my car this week:

From a client: hey, thats a sweet looking car. It looks very sporty. Is it fast? (is it heck!)

From my mates ten year old son: yes, i like the culture inside your car (Dont worry, I have no idea what he meant either)


ah kids bless em!!! well my car has been deemed cool enough to pull up out side the school gates in. :cool:

And a fellow student keeps on asking what exactly did they put in the silver paint to make it look THAT good!! :D

Another friend likes to be in my car as its (in her words) a man magnet...well I supose its a complement!!
  VW Potato

When I bought it, I think I underestimated how nice looking the Clio is. I am really surprised by the number of glances, looks, double-takes and compliments it gets. I might nip out and pat it on the bonnet in a mo :)

erm, except from my mate who said: ah, a Clio. One gear for shopping, one gear for parking.

Nasty man.


Had my first ever compliment last night.... off my mates sister in law. "Oooh, look at you with your nice car!! I love Clio Sports!!" Then her boyfriend piped up "Wow, a 172, how jealous am I ?!". And thats all anyone has ever said about it. As for people taking a second look, Im not so sure about that. Unless your giving it some hammer. They have a splendid induction roar as standard, and I have had comments from colleagues along the lines of " It might look a bit girly, but you can tell its a bit special when you put your foot down" Which suits me just fine

it may just be me that gets the town drunk all the time

but people say to me wow how did you get your car that shiny?

to which i can only reply try polishing iit once in a while

but other than that my bruv in law bought a 182 when he drove mine and so did my other mate


Ive had a friends sis say to that your car outside?, I replied Yes. She then added Mmmm, sporty

That was the only comment Ive ever had about it.

As I have 9 points, the only comment I got was, you must be mad buying that! Oh, and, its a good job you didnt get a V6.

But I have noticed the ol 182 turns soooo many more heads when its just had a wash & "shamy".

Dont usually get 2nd glances as I always gone by the time they turn back. ;)
  VW Potato

hmmm, its odd that youre lot not getting as many compliments. Ive lost track of the nice things people say about it. Moral of the story?


  Silver Fabia vRS

Since getting my 182, 4 random people have said to me Love the colour mate!....its always nice to hear compliments but then I always think are they going to nick it!

A customer the other day, who drives a Audi A3 1.8T, said I see you bought a Clio. Are those exhausts an option on the 1.4? It is a 1.4 right?

To which I replied No thats actually the 2 litre, 182 bhp one

He didnt have much to say to that apart from Oh
  R5 Gordini Turbo

My car gets looked at when I put my foot down as the Turbo makes a nice noise and the exhaust a low woofle. Other than that I have been told that it is nothing special (until I took them out). Understated, and about 5 offers to buy it.
  Clio 172 Cup, Audi A

my next door neighbours son (not too sure how old he is, about 3 i think :confused:) was helping clean his dads m3 with him when his dad said "there doesnt that look better now its clean" which the kid replied yeah but i like that car more :D (his dad looked a bit pi$$ed at that!!) oops :oops:

i couldnt stop myself from grinning, lol

and my mates sister, who is actually quite fit and 19(so not too easily impressed) said is that toms car? thats phat...

i was equally chuffed with that lol