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Nicest sounding induction kit for £100?

  RS Clio 182
I want to get an induction kit for my 172 cup as i like the sound of them :cool: my mate had a green induction kit on his 1.8 16v clio and it sounded like it was sucking the air out of the planet! Is this one any good on the 172?

If all you want is noise then pull the feed/acoustic valve off and drill some holes on the pre filter side of the standard airbox.
  RS Clio 182
do different kits not give different sounds? or are they all the same? Im looking into the K&N apollo kit as its not to expensive (£132 on ebay) and from searching the forum it seems people like that one!
  RS Clio 182
Does the box not have the filter in it though? No filter then nothing to stop s**t going into the intake?

realnumber 1

ClioSport Club Member
It's so easy you could go out pull it off now and try it and be back in 10 min. Just clips in so squeeze the sides and pull it then just rest it half over the hole to still allow cold air into the area.
  Looking for 182
Here's mine unplugged

  Megane 225 Trophy
cheers for that and is that safe for the car then and wouldn;t it just increase the amount of warm air going in reducing power etc
  Yozza'd RB cup
All your doing is removing a pipe which directs air to the filter removing it is safe intake air temps may be higher but the difference in preformance is negligible. I certainly didnt notice it! And as said if your not happy then just plug it back in! :approve:
cheers for that and is that safe for the car then and wouldn;t it just increase the amount of warm air going in reducing power etc

sure it'll be increasing warm air going in, but most of the induction kits you are looking at you've said you require noise which is generally open cone and would suck in alot more hot air than this method! :)
i've also done the same, no noticeable performance loss but the sound difference is night and day
  Renault clio 1.2 16v
I have a K&N filter on mine it sounds excellent it is a cone shaped one, although I dont know the price of it as it was already fitted when i brought the car.
  Inferno 182 & Saxo
I did this mod and couldnt hear much difference, but then I dont have a standard exhaust
  Abarth 500 Esseesse
I'll have to try this. I did a similar thing on my 100HP before I got the GSR kit and it sounded great.

Mine had a K&N on when I bought it and I keep alternating between it and standard airbox with Pipercross panel filter. Standard setup is much better low down, but the K&N does sound sweet!