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Nick Read’s 1/4 Mile Run

Nick, I see that you did the 1/4 in 15.2 - was that using your nitrous or not??? also am I right in saying that it was down at the pod or was it somewhere else???? cheers
  BMW 320d Sport

Err it must have been me cos I was there. Not last weekend but the weekend before I think? Last year my best was 15.7 at the Revs day, no gas, just a few simple mods, exhaust, filter, pbv etc.

Put the gas in last year as well but if you can believe it this was my first chance to quarter mile it on the gas since then!

Anyway first run so I rolled up set the controller for a 35hp start, 4.5 second (long!) rise time to max power of 100hp. Just put in a boost r****d unit so I was still testing that and adjusted it for -2 degrees per 1000rpm to be on the safe side. Off I went, not too bad a start considering I was out of practice and banged in a 15.2 @ 91mph straight away. Hmmm I thought, thats nice for a warm up run, better get lined up and reprogramme the controller and the r****d. Aiming for maximum attack I dialed in 0.5 degrees ignition r****d, 55hp start and 2.5 second rise time, maxing at +100hp.
Should have been good for a mid 14s time I thought.

Until I got to the front of the queue and the curse of Santa Pod hit - it p*ssed down with rain. I was tearing my hair out!
  BMW 320d Sport

I still *want* to come to York. Whether I have the money to do it or not is very touch and go at the moment...I still wanna cane all the Northern boys on their home track!
  williams and trophy

hahahahaha........ im ready when you are nick mate lol
15.2 with a lot of fettling o be done to ur nos system.......not bad but still not fast enough to beat a standard willy.... well mine anyway lol
  mk2 172

lol, id love to see your "cockpit" nick complete with HUD, or should that be nick "brian earl spilner" read??


Nick give me a text when ya beat my 14.885 mate, cos i dont get on this page as much as i used to!

Cheers, Ben (Red16)