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Nick Read!!!! 5th gear

  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah the phones been off the hook as Tim Westwood might say. I thought I would have been in the first shot where she walked down the line of cars introducing it as Run WHat You Brung, cos I remember seeing her doing the walk-past as I was sitting there with the engine running.

Looks like it was the shot on the start line though...I was well surprised, Id forgotten they had a camera down there. I was thinking of flogging those 18s but having seen them on telly, Ive decided that they are the most mental wheels its possible to have on a CLio so Ill probably keep them now! Thankyou 5th Gear!

it wouldnt be a very big file (1/4 of a sec sounds about right), but well done nick for getting youre car on telly, i knew it was yours straight off
  BMW 320d Sport

Cheers guys - if anyone can get that segment onto video maybe 10 seconds of it onto MPG then I would love to have it. Even better would be the whole bit about 1/4 miling , how long was it, about 5 or 10 minutes?

When is 5th Gear repeated?

yeah, i thought it aws your house mates though i was gay though....cause i was overly happy.

internet lover.