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niggling problems

right two little niggling problems that have developed after the donny weeked. any one got any ideas of cause and how to fix will be appreciated

1) the interior clock keeps on stopping and starting

2) passenger eleccy mirror only mover left and right and not up and down. is there two motors in the mirrors



  Shiny red R32

Wongy, did you have any females cavorting on your bonnet at Donington? If so, maybe they were using your mirrors as grab handles to stop themselves from falling off!

sounds like french electric problems mate! for the clock to stop u gotta be dropping either a live or earth out, could be linked with the mirror, i.e. same earthing point. only thing u can do is try trace the cables and check all connections are secure.

Does the light work on the clock ?
The bulb blew in my valvers clock, and took out the live feed in the unit. Dont know about the mirrors though, but suspect its NOT related, looking at the wiring diagram in Haynes.


im not that mad skantly clad girl would of been allowed near my freshly sprayed and new bonnet although i have two stonechips on it now and one of them is huge


yes mate my car has been good to me but it seems little problems are just starting to occur and its pissing me right off. how your valver now. almost done right


ive just been too lazy to look in the haynes manual as i cant find it