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Nikon Noob

  Mental 172 Cup
Ok so ive bought a D3000 today and I was just snapping round the house after I charged it! deleted a few photos and noticed that new photos taken after are given the same file name as the ones just deleted!

If I was to take pictures of my car and take them off the camera then take more after im gonna have loads of pictures with the same name!

Is there anyway around this other then to rename them as I take them off?


  Suzuki Ignis
How are you organising them or transferring them to your computer? I dont know about other software but I use lightroom and it will still import photos of the same name because they are taken at a different time, even if its just seconds apart. I suspect most software should be capable of doing this.
  Mental 172 Cup
well i havent transferred any of them yet but i dont want a load of pictures with the same name because ill have to rename them all!
  Astra 1.9Cdti SRi
They should all save automaticly with diff numbers :S so somethings not right,

Have you got a Memory Card in luke?
  Astra 1.9Cdti SRi
oh hold on it makes sense .

When your deleting off the camera say pic00000001 it will then re-use that number again as you have not transfferd it to a computer etc,

So if you transfer the pic0000001 it will keep a "memory" of that pic taken and will use next on the list 0000002 ...

i think thats whats happening :p
  1.2 Dynamique billabong
you will need to access the settings in one of the menus and change your file numbering to continuous, dont ask me which one as im a canon user lol :)
  "Navy" N17 TWO
Yeah Jim has got it

Hunt for it in the manual but it's in the Setup Menu as File No. Sequence on the D40 :)
  Rally bus
You can also change the filename prefix on Nikons usually.

Or just save them to a different folder each time you download to the computer.
Or just save them to a different folder each time you download to the computer.

That's all I do. Much better to have "Zoo" "London" "SexPest Orgy" as folder names and then them all inside there.

So much easier to find a pic when you're looking for a specific thing.
Photomechanic sorts all of this - surely you all batch import, attach metadata, file rename on import???
  Mental 172 Cup
ive got my pictures saved into different folders but say for instance I took a few pictures of my car and then uploaded them to the computer when I take more pictures after that of the car they will have the same name as the previous folder! Ive sorted it now in the menu and its working perfect :) Cant recommend this camera enough ill get out with the camera one night in the week and upload a few photos :)
  "Navy" N17 TWO
I have mine on continuous file sequence and save my "good" shots into separate folders after editing/deleting the bad ones :)