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Nitrous. again.

ok, enough fannying about, i want N20. any advice from anywhere, what to get, where to go etc.? im in North West and want it ASAP, looking at spending around £800
  clio 20v

not many places to fill the bottle round here bud i fitted it to my mates escort and he had an empty bottle 90% of the time think somewhere in manchester was supposed to be supplyin it but dont think theyve sorted it yet ill try an find out off me mate

id get 2 bottles if i was you


just got off phone to the GF:(. how do they manage to talk us into things, she is getting me thinking about whether i should get it now......Adi, see if u can find out if there is somewhere to re-fill round these parts and i will leave that as the deciding factor, just thinking, gearbox, clutch, driveshaft, head gasket etc will be wearing down a hell of alot quicker wont they? but f**k it:confused:

been reading up everything i can find on nitrous and for a PROPERLY set up system your looking at;

£400-basic kit

£400-progressive controller(otherwise i will be spinning everywhere and this bad boy puts less strain on engine components)

£150-£300-for fitting. i wonder which price it will be for a 16valver:mad:

£40-£100 setting up on the rollers to make sure ignition is advanced correctly

these are all lowest prices quoted also, so im looking at well over a grand for a decent set up. I have the £££ BUT not sure if its what i want now i have read up on it (changed my tune from the original post i know)

think i will hold my horses and see if i find anything else, also got to ring a few places 2moro and have a chat, will keep you all informed!!

Ahhhh dont chicken out... everyone chickens out... It wont damage your engine if its setup right... I think BenR can get you a discount

I dont see the appeal in nitrous as straight line performance is only really fun in a car with over 300bhp but ive heard you have to get a progressive kit if you want your engine to last!
  clio 20v

you need to stick quite a bit in to make a good differance as well and most of the time you dont get back wot uve put in i.e 50bhp jets aint gonna giv u 50 bhp

mates escort didnt do anything with 25 jets lots better with 50s, we fitted it then he got it set up on the rollers

that was without a progressive think he ended up with an extra 30bhp but a big climb in torque especially from lower revs which we dont reckon was doin the engine much good, it did go really well though with it on but the gas didnt last long

Ive found a tuning firm that will fit a 50 bhp kit for about £700 - dont know if that is a reasonable price or not. Said a refill was about £35.


ClioSport Club Member
  Seat Leon Cupra

Well put it this way Nick Reads clio on initial testing, i think on 60 jets was doing 0-60 in 6.5 on average. If you need somewhere to fill up Ill be able to get a supply of gas soon for good prices.

did LOADS of phoning and going to see places today. Zex nitrous seems to be the best option so far, not gonna bother with a progressive controller. Looks like i will have to fit it myself though, but prices on Zexs seem to differ, from £350 to £700. had my car rolling roaded too and my car is running fine, really smooth torque and bhp lines BUT on my first run my car got 129bhp. then 136bhp then 134!!!!:eek:this is at the flywhell so after much crying and "oh my god"ing ive come to the conclusion that the rolling road is wrong cos i just recently had a set up racee with one of my mates standard valvers and left him, also compared to Adis clio it is neck and neck so i def. have over 137bhp. think this guy was trying to get some money out of me


ClioSport Club Member
  Seat Leon Cupra

well i wouldnt say a kit is too hard to physically install, bit of electronics and pipework really, id say getting it set up correctly is harder. But with a PBV, air/fuel ratio meter and a nitrous pressure guage as long as the ignition and fuelling is sorted there should be no problems using it at the correct revs when the nitrous is up to pressure.
  Clio 1.8 16v

if u can get to bolton my mate said he will fit it for u for £100!he fitted my nos through the induction kit though but he would put it were ever u wanted it to realy?i would go for the 50bhp jet though i had 25 and say if i would put it on in 2nd gear i would only feel the effects in 3rd becasue the jet aint big enough.

how much was your kit? is it throttle activated? no offence but i dont want a cowboy messing with my motor so is he any good?
  clio 20v

clean 16v- thought ud had ur car on the rollers before, did u not get an at the wheels figure on this one as flywheel figs are just a guess really

coolspot- where u getin ur gas from i know a few people that wanted nitrous but was put off by not bein able to refills easily


yeah i have, got 144 at th fly. since then ive had a cambelt change and oil change. the rollers i used for the 144 run were different/older then the one that gave me the 130 figure. been talking to some people about this today and the RR that gave me 130bhp is one of the most accurate in england!!! gonna put a post up on it any way
  clio 20v

does ur car seem any slower they might have messed wiv ur cam timing an it might be a bit out wen doin ur belt

fly is still a guess figure though, where was it at by the way,

mine made 117 before the exhaust at the wheels didnt get a fly figure, what was urs at the wheels or did they not tell ya


ClioSport Club Member
  Seat Leon Cupra

My dad can get me nitrous from work so as soon as i got a PBV (Power Boost Valve by the way clean16v) and an air fuel ratio meter ill have my kit in and a hopefully unlimited supply of gas.
  BMW 320d Sport

hehe yeah you got it all set up Paul!

All this talk of Zex and NOS, theyre the new kids on the block, at least in the UK. Who you gonna call when your Zex kit doesnt work? Not Trev at Wizards of Nos in Doncaster thats for sure!

Rob- theres a lot to be said for straight line speed, remember when you hit the gas you are allowed to steer a bit as well if you want. Dont start being an Evo-reading hippy who drives a Caterham on the weekends, a 911 turbo to work, and whatevers the latest trendy hot hatch for a couple of months before trading it in for the next thing.:) Great handling is always worth having - a Clio has that in bucketloads, so why not have the straight line speed to go with it as well? Not that Im saying anyone should go for nitrous. It suits some people and not others. But there is nothing like overhauling a car that should be long gone - the look on peoples faces at the next lights is priceless.