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no brake light!!!!

ive noticed that my nearside brake light doesnt work - thought it was a bulb but have found out that it shares the same bulb as the sidelight...which works fine!!!

need to get it sorted, am fed up of people flashing me to tell me, but as im new to clios i dont know where to look!!!

any ideas people?


Look............ it DOESNT share the same circuit ........

there are 2 bulbs in one here... as said above.... 2 filamnets in one glass case..

it is PERFECTLY possible for one filament to blow and one keep working,
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As i replied in your other post change the bulb :mad:. my brake light wasnt working, changed the bulb, cured the fault.

Without trying to sound funny, why come on here and ask advice, get it, then totally dis-reguard it?

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Have you never had the need to change a bulb before? Some cars have seperate bulbs and some have twin filament bulbs. I think the common number for the twin will end in 380 maybe. but just go to a store and get advice and buy one today.

It will be cheaper than getting a pink ticket which some garages charge quite a few bob to stamp. The electric your monitor burned whilst posting probably cost you more.