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No PAS - MOT failure?

  F4r'd Clio 1.2 16V
Firstly if this is in the wrong section then could a mod please kindly move it to the suitable one :)

If you remove the PAS off the 1*2's will it fail the MOT?

  Ph2 172
Are you removing it completely?
Inspection manual states this for a RFR/Fail - "PS inoperative or evidence that power assistance has been removed or disconnected when it is known that PS is standard on the vehicle"
But then also mentions "if PS is optional fitment on the vehicle but has been disconnected in such a way that there is no adverse effect on steering that is not a fail"
  R27 F1, Gtr, Shogun
The garage I use would not have passed my DC2 that had the P.S removed.
He said that because it was std. equipment on the car it would have to still be in place for the test.