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Noise Pollution Nonsense....

Down at Saafend on Saturday we saw that the Fuzz have got some new tricks up their sleeves to ruin our fun some more!

It is now ILLEGAL to play music loudly!?!?!

If you are found to be playing music too loudly you will be handed a "Noise Annoys" flyer! Your details will be held on the Southend Council database, and if found re-offending within 6 months you face up to a £5000 fine!!!!

We found this out as some guys were getting done for it about 3 cars away from where we were parked. AND then one of my mates thought it would be a good idea to blare out some James Brown - Sexy Thing!!!.....the boys in blue were not of the same opinion!

Ive forgotten what Act and Section of it they claim to be enforcing but will check on my mates Noise Annoys flyer!...

Whether this applys to loud exhausts or other loud noises other than music i dunno!?!?
Whether they would dare try to fine you if caught re-offendind i dunno!? Surely not with the threat of legal action??
How they can decide that your music is too loud without the use of any measuring equipment i dunno!?!?!

Any leagle beagles got any opinions on this??

its classed as noise pollution
if u play your system over a certain db readin in a public place they will tug u.

same with exhausts there is a legal loudness for them, anythin over a certain db readin and its fine time.

Absolutely Matt! But surely there are time restrictions!? ie its only illegal after 10pm? 11pm? etc...

And i still dont believe that they can force your details without any noise level reading equipment!? Surely they cant enforce it by their own opinions of whether its too loud!?!

ive always been led to believe you can play systems between 7am and 11pm, but they can get ya if your sittign at traffic lights or parked up somewhere. maybe wrong, but ive driven past with mine going plenty of times and havent yet been pulled.