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Nokia N93

Does anyone actually have one on here yet?

Im thinking of going for the plunge as i can consolidate my current contracts with one and really want this phone LOL!

looks the s**t :) but possibly a bit big LOL


I would think very hard before you buy one.

Go to a carphonewarehouse and ask to see one working.
  mk1 RSi
ive had one since the beggining of the month, and i love it. does everything i ask it to and the features are great. few pointless ones like a barcode scanner? apparently to get websites and phone numbers from barcodes. still picture qualitys great, video is even better, real camcorder quality as it runs at 30fps. i love the idea of being able to plug it straight into your tv via 3 pin scart. it is a bit big yea, but i get on with it well and it doesnt really bother me. only downside is the memory it has a 128 mb mini sd card with it which is a bit small if you want to use the video camera alot, and you also have 64 mb on the phone. but i just bought a 2gb one of ebay for 20quid.