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Non clio owners

Just me being nosey i guess but wondered what drew you to the site/forum ? mates who use it, no club for the car you own or interested in getting a clio or just into cars in general ?


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

When I first registered on this forum I didnt have a Clio and I kinda still dont...

Got the GF a Clio 1.4 RT a few moths back, so in a way I kinda do have a Clio, as we live together and I drive the thing a lot anyway, so its classed as "our" Clio.

As for why I use the forum, I was told about the site by another 172 owner (after a healthy debate on another forum) and I came on just for a look initially, as I am a bit of a car nut anyway and I was kinda thinking about getting a 172 as my next car too.

But, as it happened, when I flogged my last mota, I opted for a nice 3 bedroomed semi-detatched, rather than a small French hatchback, so the 172 aint happened now.

I have just kinda stayed around though. ;)

Still might get a Cup though, as I was close before I got the house, but Ive ended up with a 306 Rallye now and its great, so well see...