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Non RS Seats - RS Seats

  Mk6 Fiesta Zs
upgraded my seats a wee while back from the standard shitty looking ones. just wonderin..there a few wires doin nothing below both seats, what they for? side airbags? the wee light next to the clock thats supposed to come on when you dont have your seatbelt on doesn't come on either, hasn't since day one. anyone reckon one of these wires could be whats up? cheers!
  BMW M135i
They're for the side airbag/seatbelt pretensioner/seat position switch on drivers side/seatbelt indication drivers side.
  Mk6 Fiesta Zs
might sound really stupid this ... was out a drive earlier and when braking i had my fog light, n both indicators light up on the dash. outside the lights looked fine so was just on the dash really. when it was put into reverse the thing went like an effin christmas tree though :quiet: lexus lights ftl... reckon thats just the problem?? cheers.