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Non Sport Exhaust


ClioSport Club Member
What suggestions do people have for an exhaust for a 1.2 non sport? i would like it to be loud ish when going for it but not in your face when just pottering around town?

a pea shooter style would be nice but I'm open to suggestions.


ClioSport Club Member
I herd it yes today i think. which have you got? the sports one or the super sports one?

Are you going to the shinerama meet next month?


ClioSport Club Member
I've got the super sports, which is the louder one with no centre silencer.

Yeah you probably heard it when I gave it some through the tunnel lol ;)

I'll be at that meet yes :)
i ordered the KTR recessed supersports for mine, will update you when fitted. and my mate has the KTR 182 look exhaust, quite loud when he puts his foot down and just a purr on idle :cool: