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Noob here - looking to buy a mk3 RS

Hi everyone!

First post here - thought I'd best say hello to all first. I'm looking to inject more fun into my life so fancy getting a RS Clio to daily. After 8 years of driving a diesel barge I need something with a bit of va-va-voom if you catch my drift.

Right now I'm thinking about a mk3 and prefer the look of the 200 over the 197. I was thinking of spending about 4K on one but would even consider a 2.5-3K CAT repaired car if its straight. I'm not too fussed on colour or model right now as I'm more interested in dipping my toes in the water first before I get too keen and splash the cash.

I'm based in the NW so ideally looking for one for sale local.

Cheers all.


Edited to add.... I'm looking for a tidy road car... nothing too modified or stripped out for track. I'm sorted for a track car as I have a tracked prepped evo in the garage.
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