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Noob Needing Help Sorting Out A Website

I'm looking at getting a website/page, just a pretty basic set up which to start with will just have some info on and contact details etc so people can look it up have a read then contact me if need be.

Now i know absolutely f*ck all about what i need to do, how i go about getting a site, how to put stuff on it etc

Not looking to put much money into it all all to start with

Does anyone have any sort of pointers they can fire over to me as to where to start looking and what to do ?

Your help is appreciated :D

Buy your hosting and domain through 123-reg / 1&1 - then that is all that set up for you.

Then you just need a simple html site / build somthing simple via the website builders they may provide.
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Read a guide on how to install wordpress and install a theme!

You can get hosting cheap as anything...

or I can host it for you, and set up the basic install, etc ready for you to login and add content (for peanuts!)
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Try Joomla! I use it alot, realllly easy to use, you dont need any HTML knowledge to write pages, create modules, menus etc etc. Its free to just download the software online, the only thing you will need to buy is the domain name like conneh stated :) Heres an example of what you can do using Joomla (Just happens to be where i work :rasp:) Heres a link to Joomla's main site
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I can host you if you liked, free of charge. My cPanel has installatron in there too so you can install stuff like wordpress and joomla in about 3 clicks :)

Really easy to master the control panel after a short amount of time, I just wont have any time to offer you much suppor which is obviously why I can do it for free.

All you would need is the domain name.