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norwich union and mods

  172 M69 eater

they any good for mods? my cars pretty modded now from its normal spec...

who else is with them?

  V70 d5 beast

im with them aswell,

my cars modded a bit but dont know if they accept mods? havent rang them yet lol
  1.6 focus zetec....

Im with norwich union and they told me i could only have 3 mods but on the other hand my mate is also with them and hes got alloys, tinted windows, exhaust, side skirts, bonnet vents and a whale tale and theyve insured him and only knocked his insurance up £69 a year....awesome


  RS 182 - Black Gold

They ONLY accept 3 mods as mentioned.

Ive spoken to a supervisor there before and they will nto take anything extra period.

Plus they are quite expensive for the 3 mods they take anywhere up to £100 just for an exhaust.

shop around.....

What about upgraded front seats?? would that add more to the policy? (valver seats into an rt)